Praesta Singapore is committed to building the capability of all the leaders, boards and top teams we work with. Our job is to help them succeed and grow. We apply our skill and expertise to their individual circumstances, work hard to understand their agenda and design our contribution accordingly.

Individual Executive Coaching

We work with a significant number of individual CEOs MDs GMs and directors to support them in their challenging roles, both on an organisational level and on a personal basis.

Top Team Development

We engage with a team either within a country or across the region on issue that are core to the organisation's success. Our management experience and our successful track record working with cross cultural regional teams ensures that the team applies its talents and skills optimally to get a great result both on the organisational and the personal level

Facilitating Board and Senior Team Meetings

Most Boards and Management Teams benefit from spending quality time off-site. We help Chairmen, CEO's and functional leaders plan and prepare off-site meetings which we facilitate. As each session is totally tailored to the organisation we spend significant time up front to understand the desired outcomes, the individual participants and the ideal agenda.

What To Expect From Us

Our clients tell us it is a vibrant and stimulating relationship where problems and challenges are transformed into positive outcomes with tangible increases in performance, development and team morale.

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